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  • GCSE statistics reveal computing candidates up 111%

    As thousands of teenagers received their GCSE results, there were signs that the channel can look forward to more skilled young people entering the industry.

    Analysis   |   MicroscopeUK

  • statistical analysis

    In the context of business intelligence (BI), statistical analysis involves collecting and scrutinizing every data sample in a set of items from which samples can be drawn.

  • Partnership with SAP powers NHL team statistics

    In this video, the National Hockey League's director of digital business development discusses how the league used SAP HANA to greatly expand online NHL team statistics.

  • How can Statistical Process Control prevent production disruptions?

    The Statistical Process Control tool can help prevent disruptions to business processes by providing better visibility into various factors that affect logistics and supply chain functions.

  • statistical mean, median, mode and range

    The terms mean, median and mode are used to describe the central tendency of a large data set. Range provides provides context for the mean, median and mode.

    When working with a large data set, it can be useful to represent the entire...

  • Arsenal to beat Aston Villa in FA Cup final, says statistical analysis

    Professorial manager Arsene Wenger can take comfort from a data analysis that predicts Arsenal will beat Aston Villa in the FA Cup final, which takes place on 30 May at Wembley...

  • Mobile malware statistics highlight unknown state of mobile threats

    News roundup: Contradicting mobile malware statistics published this year prove the mobile malware debate is alive and well. Plus: SAP vulnerabilities; spam-sending Linux malware; criminal attacks leading healthcare threat.

  • biometrics

    Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s physical and behavioral characteristics.

  • What analytics features does SAP Predictive Analytics offer?

    SAP Predictive Analytics uses statistical analysis and data-modeling logic to create meaningful predictions about future events. Here's a breakdown of its main components.

  • MPs’ broadband report renews row over Openreach future

    MPs have again called for BT and Openreach to be split up, but have been heavily criticised for including misleading statistics in their evidence

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