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  • News highlights of 2014

    Flicking back through the issues of the MicroScope digital magazine these were some of the stories of the month and provide a quick overview of a year that saw plenty of acquisitions, more channel investment from vendors and ongoing fears about...

  • News recap: Market uncertainty after net neutrality vote

    In telecom news, the telecom industry is facing uncertainty after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) net neutrality vote. Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is also in doubt over whether net neutrality rules will help or...

  • Top SDN news and trends of 2014

    SDN analysts have a hard job. The technology has both boiled over with market buzz and yet remained at a simmer in actual uptake. To forecast in such an environment seems impossible.

    As journalists, we don't forecast markets, but we can...

  • Sky to reorganise news desk for digital age

    Sky News is planning to reorganise its digital and television news operations to address the changing digital world

  • The top five Windows Server news stories of the year

    A busy year of Microsoft news meant that our readers clicked on stories about Microsoft's new CEO, a surprise Windows XP patch and a preview of the new version of Window Server.

  • The top Exchange Server news stories of 2014

    We look back at five Exchange Server news stories that made the biggest impact with readers this year.

  • Test your memory of this year's top cloud news

    From price wars and announcements to outages, there was a lot of cloud news to digest in 2014. Test your memory with our cloud quiz.

  • ITN deploys wireless transmission technology for breaking news

    ITN introduces camera-mounted wireless transmission technology from BT to track breaking news stories around London

  • Microsoft news dominates top 10 desktop developments of 2014

    Thanks to Windows and Office developments, Microsoft news was among our most popular coverage of the past year. See which articles came out on top.

  • Storage trends 2014: Hyper-converged, flash and cloud dominate news

    Hyper-converged, all-flash and cloud storage formed a three-legged stool of dominant storage news in 2014; Symantec stunner added an element of surprise

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