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  • News from JavaOne 2015

    Learn what developers are saying about Java EE 8 and Java 9, including the highlights and lowlights of the latest release. In this guide,...

  • Breaking news: Windows 10 is doing... okay!

    Hold the front page! Windows 10 is more popular than Windows 8.

    Okay, so this news is hardly worth stopping the press for given the near-universal loathing of the former flagship operating system; but nonetheless, Microsoft’s Yusuf...

  • How does the fake Android app BeNews work?

    Find out how to mitigate the risks associated with fake Android apps, like the BeNews app used by the Hacking Team, that trick the Google Play Store.

  • The 10 biggest data center news stories of 2015

    The top data center news stories of 2015 highlight shifts in the IT job market, technology changes and disruptive events among major industry vendors.

    Dell's planned EMC purchase could impact countless product roadmaps and rearrange data...

  • The 10 stories that dominated UC news in 2015

    Take a look at the UC news stories that shaped unified communications in 2015, from the rise of team collaboration apps to the changing video conferencing service market.

  • The year's biggest hyper-converged market news

    The hyper-converged market was already beginning to crowd, and the news coming out of 2015 showed more than just storage vendors wanted a piece of the hyper-convergence pie.

    While the market was once dominated by startups, acquisitions and...

  • Top six VDI news stories of 2015

    It was a big year for VDI news. Citrix lost its CEO. Dell will own EMC and VMware. One thing didn't change though: Citrix and VMware are still battling for supremacy in the desktop virtualization market.

  • Top five mobile tech news stories of 2015

    Microsoft, Apple and BlackBerry made headlines this year with big moves -- and some missteps -- in the mobile market. Find out which news stories were most popular with our readers.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 news dominates 2015

    The top news stories for enterprise desktop admins in 2015 revolved around Windows 10, including new features such as HoloLens.

  • Citrix news dominated busy year in desktop virtualization

    Citrix news stole the spotlight in 2015 with an internal struggle that included an activist investor, a revolving door at CEO and several notable product announcements.

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