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  • The politics of DDoS response

    Reports of a 'hack back' DDoS attack by Sony stirred up acceptable use questions.

  • Enterprises must be proactive in DDoS mitigation

    DDoS attacks are more prevalent than ever and enterprises can't always rely on their service providers for protection. Learn what enterprises should do for effective DDoS mitigation.

  • Hybrid DDoS prevention emerges to counter variety of DDoS attacks

    As DDoS attacks get bigger, more frequent, and more varied, new hybrid and cloud-based DDoS prevention methods are emerging, but some fear too much automation in DDoS defense may result in a loss of...

  • Accumuli agrees with Juniper Networks to take on DDoS licensing

    A couple of years after it sold its DDoS Secure product to Juniper Networks Accumuli has agreed worldwide ;licensing rights for the technology

  • 2015 DDoS attacks on the rise, attackers shift tactics

    News roundup: New research highlights the changing nature of DDoS attack frequency and methodology. Plus: New malware strains double in second half of 2014; two new address bar spoofing vulnerabilities.

  • SSDP DDoS attacks driving up average DDoS sizes

    New research shows that average DDoS attacks are growing larger and more prevalent as attackers have moved to exploit SSDP, the latest protocol to be abused for its amplification factor.

  • Beyond the Page: Web security meets DDoS

    As DDoS attacks become more sophisticated it gets harder to detect and defend against them. John Pescatore describes new DDoS attack vectors and discusses incident response planning to combat these attacks today.

  • In denial about DDoS: Defense planning falls short

    Advanced distributed denial-of-service attackers are using a mix of techniques to hit targeted victims in ways all too similar to advanced persistent threats. DDoS defense planning is still lax at many enterprises, but if you do not...

  • DDoS defense planning falls short

    Failure to regularly test DDoS mitigation processes can lead to inadvertent amplification of an attack.

  • Are you in denial about DDoS defense planning?

    John Pescatore discusses local and cloud-based DDoS mitigation strategies and the value of preparedness.

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