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  • data monetization

    Data monetization is the act of creating currency from corporate data.

  • data storytelling

    Data storytelling is the process of translating complex data analyses into layman's terms in order to influence a decision or action.

  • historical data

    Historical data, in a broad context, is collected data about past events and circumstances pertaining to a particular subject.

  • data replication

    Data replication -- the process of copying data from one location to another -- helps an organization possess up-to-date copies of its data in the event of a disaster. Replication can take place...

  • Data, data everywhere but not the chance to think

    The data is stacking up but Billy MacInnes is worried that some firms are facing a mounting challenge to use it to shape the destiny of the business

  • structured data

    Structured data contrasts with unstructured and semi-structured data. The three can be considered to exist on a continuum, with unstructured data being the least formatted and structured...

  • data feed

    A data feed is an ongoing stream of structured data that provides users with updates of current information from one or more sources.

  • Kirk Borne on data science and big data analytics, data literacy

    In a Q&A, big data and data science expert Kirk Borne discusses new data processing and analytics technologies and the growing importance of data literacy in organizations.

  • Organic data growth and gaining access to the data

    Find out how organic data growth has created a hybrid data architecture, the difficulties in providing access to data in those systems, and how a data lake fits into the equation.

  • product data management (PDM)

    Product data management (PDM) involves capturing and managing the electronic information related to a product so it can be used in various business processes, including production and marketing. It usually requires a dedicated...

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