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  • breach detection system (BDS)

    Breach detection systems (BDS) are a category of applications and security devices designed to detect the activity of malware inside a network after a breach has occurred. Enterprise IT uses BDS to protect against...

  • Restoring data from backups after a security breach

    Once you've established how an attacker penetrated your network's defenses, and what they did after gaining access, the real work of restoring data begins in the wake of a security breach.

  • Suspected Staples breach under investigation

    The Staples breach is suspected to have affected payment card information in an as-yet-undetermined number of the office supply chain's stores in the northeast U.S.

  • Data Breaches in Europe

    The personal data of millions of Europeans have been compromised with 89% of the breaches the fault of corporations, according to this investigation by the Central European University.

  • CIOs to boost spending on switching, plugging network breaches

    Security, wireless LANs (WLANs) and switching and routing will get the most attention from CIOs planning to increase spending on networking this year, a recent survey found.

    Three quarters of CIOs expected to increase spending on security...

  • Rich Mogull's Data Breach Triangle: Rethinking data breach prevention

    Video: Rich Mogull says if you take away any one of the Data Breach Triangle's three key components, a breach becomes impossible. The Securosis CEO explains this unique perspective on data breach...

  • Recognize data breach causes in Exchange

    One small mistake in your Exchange security setup is all it takes to have a serious data breach happen, so lowering your risk is a must.

  • What you can learn from recent data breaches

    Use the recent rash of high-profile data breaches as examples of what not to do in your Exchange environment.

  • Breach response plan is a must for enterprise security

    As data breaches mount, the C-suite is being pressed to take part in enterprise security. At the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, top financial, legal and security experts imparted advice.

  • Public demand harsher punishment for data breaches

    Research shows that there is public appetite for more aggressive punishment when it comes to data breaches; if only they could remember which companies were breached

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