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  • breach detection system (BDS)

    Breach detection systems (BDS) are a category of applications and security devices designed to detect the activity of malware inside a network after a breach has occurred. Enterprise IT uses BDS to protect against...

  • Data Breaches in Europe

    The personal data of millions of Europeans have been compromised with 89% of the breaches the fault of corporations, according to this investigation by the Central European University.

  • Rich Mogull's Data Breach Triangle: Rethinking data breach prevention

    Video: Rich Mogull says if you take away any one of the Data Breach Triangle's three key components, a breach becomes impossible. The Securosis CEO explains this unique perspective on data breach...

  • Suspected Staples breach under investigation

    The Staples breach is suspected to have affected payment card information in an as-yet-undetermined number of the office supply chain's stores in the northeast U.S.

  • What you can learn from recent data breaches

    Use the recent rash of high-profile data breaches as examples of what not to do in your Exchange environment.

  • Public demand harsher punishment for data breaches

    Research shows that there is public appetite for more aggressive punishment when it comes to data breaches; if only they could remember which companies were breached

  • Recognize data breach causes in Exchange

    One small mistake in your Exchange security setup is all it takes to have a serious data breach happen, so lowering your risk is a must.

  • US retailer Staples investigates possible data breach

    US retailer Staples confirms it is investigating a possible credit and debit card breach

  • Sony Pictures data breach update: Hackers threaten film premiere

    The New York opening of Sony Pictures' upcoming comedy The Interview was canceled after threats emerged from the attackers responsible for its recent data breach.

  • Sony data breach update: Executives received extortion emails

    Among the new details uncovered this week, Sony executives received extortion emails just days before troves of the company's data were released online as part of a massive breach.

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