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  • Lessons learned from the Adobe data breach

    Adobe CSO Brad Arkin spoke at the recent Privacy. Security. Risk. 2015 event about his experiences dealing with the company's massive data breach two years ago.

  • Data breach hits Dow Jones

    US publishing and financial information firm Dow Jones is the latest high-profile company to admit being hit by a data breach, which security experts say goes hand in hand with...

  • Not all UK consumers would abandon a data-breached site

    Nearly two-thirds of UK consumers would stop using a website hit by a breach, but nearly a quarter would not, a survey shows

  • What executives must know about data breaches in healthcare

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights' investigations into healthcare data breaches produced information that can help stop future leaks.

  • What data breach notification policy should enterprises follow?

    A data breach notification policy is important to have, but deciding how to alert customers can be tough. Expert Mike Chapple explains some best practices.

  • Data breach hits Hilton Worldwide hotel chain

    Hilton Worldwide has become the latest hotel chain to reveal that it suffered a breach leaking the credit card information of guests.

    Confirmation of the Hilton breach comes just days after

  • Cyber breaches have hit a fifth of UK consumers

    One in five UK consumers have had personal details stolen and their bank accounts used to buy goods and services as a result of a cyber security breach, a study has revealed.

    As a result, 41% of consumers polled by business advisory firm...

  • Essential Guide to dealing with a data breach

    In this guide, we look at the best practice in dealing with a data breach. The guide includes examples of companies that have been hit by data breaches and how they have responded, as well as expert advice on how to...

  • How to identify and handle potential cloud security breaches

    For many years, IT has focused on leaving behind the common troubles with data centers in favor of moving to the cloud. In an ideal world, this would put an end to days of outages, staff shortages and on-call rotations. Peace would be restored...

  • Data Breach Readiness 2.0

    Drawing on insights from more than 400 senior business executives, this research from Experian reveals that many businesses are ill-prepared for data breaches.

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