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Platform and OS Security Management

  • Survey: Vista security skepticism swells

    More than half of those who answered a recent survey say they have no current plans to deploy the upcoming Windows Vista OS. 

  • Monster fix for Mac OS X, QuickTime

    Apple Computer Inc. has patched more than 25 flaws in its operating system and updated its media player to address 12 vulnerabilities. 

  • Should Microsoft change its patching process?

    Most IT pros still like Microsoft's monthly fix schedule, but in the face of increasing zero-day attacks, they'd like more out-of-cycle fixes as well. 

  • Microsoft customers want more out-of-cycle patches

    Customers say Microsoft was right to issue an out-of-cycle fix for its flawed Windows Explorer patch. In fact, they wish the vendor would do it more often. 

  • Security Bytes: More flaws in Mac OS X

    In other news: Financial firms scramble over massive online heist, Symantec warns of Scan Engine flaws and a new Snort-based tool is unveiled. 

  • Windows patch problems to force out-of-cycle repair

    Microsoft on April 25 will re-release a critical update that fixes a Windows Explorer code-execution vulnerability. The patch has caused problems with certain third-party software. 

  • Microsoft's patch manager gets a refresh

    The next version of Microsoft's free Windows patching tool will make its debut at the Microsoft Management Summit. Will it be able to better compete with commercial rivals? 

  • Microsoft confirms Windows patch glitch

    The software giant corroborates glitches with one of last week's Windows patches, but explains how affected users can implement workarounds. 

  • Microsoft to close security updates on old Windows

    As of mid-July, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 98 and Windows Me. Experts say the decision is likely long overdue. 

  • Microsoft releases five fixes for IE, Windows

    The software giant's monthly update fixes several IE flaws, including the createTextRange issue, and addresses vulnerabilities in a range of Windows programs.