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  • A pen tester’s perspective on creating a secure password

    A pen tester explains the importance of creating a secure password

  • How to ensure secure email exchange with external business partners

    When sensitive documents are frequently travelling back and forth between a company and its business partners, email security becomes very important. In this expert response, Peter Wood gives advice on how to create a secure email exchange.

  • New cloud VPN service improves application acceleration, security

    A new cloud VPN service offered by Aruba Networks Inc., called VBN 2.0, promises to make it easier and more secure for remote users to connect to the VPN.

  • Expert calls SSL protocol vulnerability a non issue

    The researchers who discovered the SSL vulnerability warn that it could have far reaching affects and are working with a consortium of vendors to coordinate an industry-wide fix.

  • DNSSEC deployment challenges can be overcome

    DNSSEC isn't a cure-all for DNS security issues. It won't stop drive-by attacks, protect against denial-of-service attacks or any other kind of attacks that piggyback on top of the DNS and depend upon social engineering for success. But it does block cache poisoning attacks and DNS hijacking, a problem that represents a major threat to ecommerce on the Internet. DNSSEC deployments are moving forward. Early adopters are beginning to develop best practices and education materials for upgrading systems and properly configuring devices to handle DNSSEC requests. Federal agencies are required to adopt DNSSEC by the end of the year for .gov domains. .Org was the first domain that signed on to DNSSEC. .Edu signed on to DNSSEC this week with its 6,000 registrants. .Net and .com are expected to sign on by 2011. In this interview, Lance Wolak, director of product management at PIR, which manages the .org domain and Ram Mohan, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Afilias Ltd. share their experiences and the road ahead for DNSSEC deployments.

  • How to integrate the security of both physical and virtual machines

    According to a recent Gartner Inc. research report, 60% of virtual machines will be less secure than their physical counterparts through 2009. Michael Cobb explores the challenges of securing a mixed infrastructure of physical and virtual machines.

  • Companies tackle iPhone security with remote access features

    Secure remote access and better management could turn the popular toy into a true business tool.

  • Q&A: Paul Dorey on DLP, deperimeterisation

    Paul Dorey is one of the pioneers of information security as a profession. He worked on early security measures at the investment bank Barclays PLC and has most recently been director of digital security for global oil company BP Corp., a role that he will relinquish at the end of this year.

    He has advised governments on security, he sits on the European Advisory Board for ISC2, and is also an advisor to the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). Dorey is also a founder member of the Jericho Forum and chairman of the fledgling Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).

    Here he talks about some of the technological and professional challenges facing companies and people working in information security today.

  • How to patch Kaminsky's DNS vulnerability

    When Dan Kaminsky revealed the details of his recently discovered DNS flaw at this year's Black Hat briefings in Las Vegas, it confirmed what many in the security community already feared: that it was one of the most important discoveries in years, and that enterprises must take urgent action. In this tip, Mike Chapple details why an exploit could be devastating, and what organizations should do to protect their end users.

  • Network telescopes are vital to beating security threats

    The latest article in our Royal Holloway series describes how network telescopes operate by searching the dark areas of the internet where no legitimate traffic needs to go.

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