Proven Tactics to Repel Emerging Threats

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Proven Tactics to Repel Emerging Threats

Today's targeted attacks rob organizations of their most valuable resources. These sessions identify ways to protect your business by detailing how to combat evolving cyberattacks, protect against insider threats, safeguard databases and applications, and fortify the network from perimeter to core.

Sessions available for download (click title to download slides) include:

Stopping the Threat from Within
Speaker: Tom Bowers, technical editor, Information Security magazine, security director, Net4NZIX
This session examines how good security policies can establish rules for appropriate behavior, and reviews top technology options, including the benefits and drawbacks of network-layer filtering, host-based content monitoring and enterprise rights management. Also, learn how each product set identifies where confidential information resides, prevents leaks and can be centrally managed.
For more information: Visit's Insider Threats resource center.

Preparing for Tomorrow's Threats
Speaker: Lenny Zeltser, information security practice leader at Gemini Systems
This session provides an in-depth look at emerging threats so organizations can fine tune their information protection measures accordingly. Building upon his experience as a handler at SANS Internet Storm Center and information security practice leader at Gemini Systems, Lenny Zeltser reviews recent attack patterns that affect the security of data and Internet communications.
For more information: Visit's Emerging Information Security Threats resource center.

Application Fortification
Speaker: Michael Cobb, founder and managing director, Cobweb Applications, Ltd.
The SANS Institute recently reported a shift in the way attackers target businesses. No longer are they as consumed with penetrating operating systems; the widespread use of the Web and proliferation of remote users means many attacks are hitting the application layer. This session offers insight into the best approaches for locking down Layer 7. The presentation covers essentials for sound application security architecture.
For more information: Read Application logging is critical in detecting hack attacks

Smart Strategies for Security Information Management
Speaker:Tom Bowers, technical editor, Information Security magazine; security director, Net4NZIX.
This session looks at the regulatory, incident response and business drivers that are bringing this technology to the fore. Bowers investigates the primary needs for finding rogue data points hidden among all the normal traffic and how SIM/SEM assists this process with timely alerts and meaningful reports. He then moves his attention to visualization and how it may differ or complement this process. Along the way, you hear stories-from-the-trenches of incident response in the manual mode versus the effective use of correlation tools.
For more information: Attend the webcast Successful SIMS deployment.

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This was first published in October 2006