Lesson 3 quiz: Who goes there?

Security School

Lesson 3 quiz: Who goes there?

Wireless Security
Lunchtime Learning
  By Lisa Phifer

Test your retention of the materials taught in Lesson 3.

1.) Which statement regarding Media Access Control (MAC) addresses is true?
a. MAC addresses are encrypted when using WEP, WPA or WPA2.
b. MAC addresses can be spoofed.
c. MAC access control lists keep intruders from using your AP.
d. MAC access control lists keep stations from connecting to evil twins.

2.) Which authentication method is most commonly used in hospitality LANs, wireless hotspots and school networks?
a. MAC access control lists
b. Captive portals
c. Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs)
d. 802.1X port access control

3.) Which is not a benefit associated with 802.1X Port Access Control?
a. Easy to configure
b. Centralizes control
c. Identifies who is connected
d. Enables usage accounting and auditing

4.) Which Extensible Authentication Protocol Type requires client-side certificates?
a. EAP-TLS: Transport Layer Security
b. EAP-TTLS: Tunneled Transport Layer Security
c. PEAP: Protected EAP
d. LEAP: Lightweight EAP

5.) Factors to consider when choosing a WLAN access control and authentication method include which of the following?
a. User community and level of trust
b. Your control over wireless devices
c. Wireless cards, operating systems, software
d. Available user credentials and authentication servers
e. All of the above

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This was first published in February 2006